Back in the 80s,
When I was 19,
I worked in Dublin
At “Cineworld 20”.

My German was good,
My Spanish improving,
Disliking techno and rave
With a vengeance.

I’m rather sporty,
To mention a talent –
A silent war
Against things established.

No favourite movie,
And shrugging of shoulders,
Whenever you give me
That crap about studies.

I manage superbly,
Thank you for asking.
Any more questions?
Don’t bother to knock ●

© jsmorgane (Dec 09)

Senex and Puer

Why am I waiting
And for whom?
For there is no one coming
Into this room.

When I open my door
The room is all light,
But when you enter
I bring on the night.

My Old and my Young Self
Meet here at last,
Hold up a mirror,
To future, to past.

Two opposite doors
To the same room.
Come Senex, come Puer
From cradle to tomb.

© jsmorgane (2002)

Auld Reikie

People passing quickly
Through an ending summer,
As if in haste for autumn.

Teeming city streaming
Faces touching ages,
Drowning in a misty past.

Shapeless figures crowding
A darkened stage in silence,
Glaring down upon today.

Cobbled streets are leading
Bodies back and forth the hours,
Spent in passing by.

© jsmorgane (Aug 04)