The House That Owns You

There is this house – have you not heard of it?
It’s far enough to call it country house
Yet close enough to get to everywhere,
Don’t miss out on anything, what’s more
Get visited by everyone who’s anyone.
Big landscaped garden and some 20 acres –
Came with the house and all, you know.

A spot of gardening but hours later
Pottering about has turned into hard work.
So organise a gardener, and who was it
You called to resurface the old tennis court?
The builders in and out, the swimming pool –
The cost of heating it, I swear
I won’t have that again.

Candles in the garden, the pavilion lit,
The drawing room for cocktails and
A nanny for the kids, so one can keep fit
And socialise, that glass of wine to speed the time –
So busy on the phone and dropping a line
Only to the closest friends of mine.

Now quickly for some exercise
To burn off the booze,
Just that little drink to take off the edge
Of being owned by this house,
This life of empty busyness,
That buzz that drowns out the silence
Where once I dreamt…

But that’s all gone and I have moved,
Left the house and left that life,
Left all but the silence which followed me
And know it owns me still.

© jsmorgane (July 2014)

Starfire: A Druid’s Dream

I sat on the hill in silent reverie,
And only the raven’s talons
Biting into my naked shoulder
Before she took flight
Made me draw my gaze from the golden moon
Riding just above the tree tops.

Following the soft sighing of the raven’s wings
I stood, bathed in moonlight,
And descended to the nether shore.
Among the trees a shadow followed,
Deeper than the forest’s dark,
The bear, my joyous guardian.

A frog joined in the night’s song,
While the full and heavy moon
Sank down behind the trees
To leave the unfathomed skies to the stars.

Now I saw a figure on the shores of the lake before me.
The raven’s sharp eye had found out the spark,
Calling her silently from the hilltop,
Down to the man with the fire.
Now resting on his shoulder, she shared her ken
Bending down to the hidden face.

And there, for a short moment,
I thought I heard the flame in the hand
Murmur to the stars above,
Who whispered wisdom in answer.

But then my toes touched the waiting waters and
My reflection fled in fiery circles across the lake.
The flame kept burning deep within,
And among the stars above was only silent awe.

© jsmorgane (Sept 2012)


I tried to find sound Sleep,
Roaming far and wide,
And when I finally found Him
I asked not to abide with me
But bid Him hurry to your side
And gently take the day away,
To steal upon your eyes
And for a while to dim
The source of my world’s light
And so to grant the stars their hour of life…

© jsmorgane (April 2011)