Heaven’s Inbox

For Sarah

A place where all the good things go

Like pictures of your bluebell woods

And cherry trees in blossoms white,

And small, still frogs in silent ponds.

Of spring, of sun,

Your pretty legs in summer dresses,

And flower fairies on the terrace.

Of family and friends and lovers,

And conversations late at night

Of journeys made and those imagined.

Of pasts, and futures, and the present.

A key to souls who mingle.

A gift, a haven, my treasure trove.

©jsmorgane, April 2020

Morning Meditation

I was out walking in the morning

When the heavens opened above me

And I heard a voice

Whisper in the trees:

“Lay down your strife and be joyful.

I am here and I am always.

I am everywhere.”

Then the first raindrops fell

And as I lifted my face

Each drop on my skin sang softly

I am!


© jsmorgane (Nov 2014)