Sonata in C Major

I know a girl –

I don’t pretend to know her well –

But something in the way

She talks to you and me

Reminds me of a piece of music…

… Mozart on the piano.


Right hand fluidly flitting

Over the keys, a happy little tune.

Contained, well-structured, perfectly timed.

Left hand introducing a deeper theme,

The smallest finger tracing a line –

C#, d, b, a, g, f#, b, g, a, g…


Both hands in treble clef but

Slowly showing a darker meaning,

A different story hidden

Amongst the cheerful notes.


That’s how she is – fun and easy,

And all so well laid out,

The clothes, the smiles, the city trips,

The babysitter organised.

For pick-up the family-friendly limousine,

The carefree wave of hand ‘Goodbye!’


Yet we all know

Who sits behind the wheel,

And Mozart’s music starts to play

Each time her lover’s name finds mention

In light-hearted conversation about hats

And this year’s Season.


The minor variation in the Andante –

Heart-rending and beautiful,

Like her artistry, pretty and bright

And gone smoky at the edges.

Like Mozart’s sonata a masterpiece.


When I play it on a long, warm

Summer’s evening,

I step into her half-divined,

Half-imagined life and marvel at

Two works of art, wondering if

I can trace the one –

Like my fingers do the other –

To an ending in a major key…


© jsmorgane (May 2014)