Perseus without a shield

Like Medusa you look at me.

Changable eyes of every shade of grey

Turn from cynical self-deprecation

To cutting steel, glittering a warning.


And like Perseus without a shield

I feel myself grow brittle,

Cracks creeping up my spine,

Branching out across my back.


Almost an afterthought,

That polished shield.

I see my own grey abstractions there,

The long shadow I can cast.


Now I feel you close behind me,

Your snakes hissing in my ear.

I slowly raise my eyes to yours –

You see yourself in mine.


And slowly your bent head

Settles on my shoulder.

Like golden ornaments your snakes

Curl around my hand in your hair…


February 2019, copyright jsmorgane




The Love of Trees

The Love of Trees

Trees are content, without questioning their purpose.

They love the ground beneath them

And spread their roots deep into the receiving soil.

They stretch their arms wide

In loving welcome to the open sky.

They turn to the sun,

Growing towards the light.


With you, I love like a tree:

Facing the light, I grow towards you.

Arms wide open I welcome you.

Deeply rooted I rest in you.

©jsmorgane Aug 2018