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Reading the Goddess into Austen

A paper about the novel as the ultimate feminine genre, reading novels as a spiritual experience, Exeter University, 2005

This paper offers a brief look at Jane Austen’s novels and how they can be experienced as spiritual journeys into the realm of the Goddess. The paper will touch on the following topics: Providence; Romance and Realism; The Religion of the Novel; Austen and the Goddess; Reading Austen as a Spiritual Experience; Practising Mysteries

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The Spirituality of Avalon

PhD thesis about the spiritual aspects of fantasy fiction in the fantasy novel ‘The Mists of Avalon’, Universitaet Wien, 2008

“The Spirituality of Avalon” is a guide book to the religion of the Great Mother as portrayed in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon books. By looking at the literary and archaeological background of the ancient, Neolithic, Celtic, Roman and Arthurian traditions the novels are set in, a close reading of the texts and a detailed understanding of the acknowledged and inferred influences inspiring the Avalon novels gives the reader the possibility to engage with the concept of the Goddess within the religion created in the Avalon cycle. It provides essential insights into a European understanding of spirituality at the beginning of the 21st century and its construction in epic fantasy fiction. At the core of it all the reader finds the figure of the Great Goddess – empowering the stories, and in return empowered by them.

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Interpreting Medea

an essay about the figure of Medea through the lens of French feminism, Universitaet Wien 2004

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