Friendships are like plays

Friendships are like plays.

In some scenes you have most of the lines.

In some scenes you don’t have any at all.


Sometimes you wait in the wings for your next entry,

Then again you might wait backstage for the curtain call.

At other times, your part is done only a few minutes in.


Often when I go home after the first half, I wonder

What would happen if I started to extemporise.


© jsmorgane (Jan 2016)

Peter Pan Outside The Window

Look! It’s Peter!

For a moment, the name feels like mockery.

For a moment, I thought I had joined them.

But in just a moment, I am only looking on.

The family inside embracing,

My boys already forgetting how to fly.


Second star to the right, cold and far away.

But as I near home, the morning softens my wrinkles

And by the time I get there they’ll have disappeared.

It is so easy to be carefree, to be careless.

Just not now, looking in from

Outside the window.


© jsmorgane (Jan 2016)