I consume people, one after the other.
I run my fingers through their long blond hair,
And dye it black after I have chopped it short.
I let my eyes dwell on their high brow,
And penetrate the Sacred with my gaze.
I dive into blue eyes,
And ripple their clear, still surface.
I outline straight noses,
And expose their striving pride.
I rest my heavy hands against the cheek bones,
And bruise the soft skin.
I kiss your lips,
And bite them bloody to match mine.
I caress your fingers, one by one,
And drain them of their delicate strength.
I draw dark lines in your tender balms,
And read no future.
I tie your long and well-shaped legs,
To stop the carefree gait.
I twist your white neck
Because I cannot bear its beauty.
And when your body opens to my touch
I absorb your essence, lead you out
And ensure your extinction,
Before I move on.

© jsmorgane (winter 2004)

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  1. Wow! This a very powerful poem, the detail is striking.

  2. Good personification of war.

    • writing personifications of “concepts” was one of the helpful things I learned at Uni… it gives you new insights in how you yourself see certain things…

  3. Shades here of the Morrigan, I think!
    brilliant poem.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Very haunting, aggressive and sinister. Very well done! Look forward to exploring your peoms more in my next visit here.

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