Your song
Moving across my face.
My face falling,
Like crumbling mountains.
And each corn of sand
Dancing like standing stones,
Trembling in shared solitude
To hear your voice.
Like the moon forever kindling,
Casting one blind and one seeing eye.
Like the sea, coming and going,
A mirror pool of reflection,
Where from the deep it grows,
Rippling through the ocean,
Calling water to water,
One salty drop to another,
Gushing forth.
Your song.

© jsmorgane


Through woodland and forest
I run, I run,
The city dimming behind me.

Friends grow away
As I run and run,
My many skins shedding.

My scars erased
I run and run,
Myself falling from me.

In shadows, in lightning,
Now running, now slowing,
A batter against closed eyelids.

… pause… breathe…
Earthen colours
Sink through skin…

The birds have stopped their tales.
The wind has caught his breath.
Soaked in silence, waning…

When from the void
A voice invokes
My name.

© jsmorgane (Nov 09)