I am your way

Under a tree, an olive tree methinks,
Pan bent down and whispered to the nymph
Live with me and be my love.
But she replied Marlowe isn’t good enough.
Pan tried some Shakespeare, to no avail,
Then asked his father how to appeal
To this fair nymph and make her his.
Zeus pointed at the eternal scroll:
She is your way. That made Pan laugh –
And find the words to sway his love.

Let me be reason to smooth your frowning brow.
Let me fill your empty places, make them overflow.
Let me be the smile that tickles your dimples to deepen.
Let me let you win the bet that makes us even.
Let me be the light that casts your shadow at all hours
Let my unbound shadow dance with yours,
And make them ours.

See, I run like gold through your veins,
I make your skin glow.
Hear your heart drum my name,
Make your life’s rhythm flow.
Listen to your name on my lips
When you touch them with your fingertips.
Feel me, the wind that tousles your hair,
Lift it up for me to kiss it fair.
Hear my voice echo in the hollows of your heart,
I am your light, I am your love.
Hear my Yea end all Nay
And you will know I am your way.

Ready to profess, the nymph sighed softly

©jsmorgane (August 2015)


Your smile
Simply rends my heart.
It calls from me all that is good.
When it comes, your smile,
Unexpected flash,
You manifest more clearly,
Eyes more intent,
For a moment focused –
It seems – on me.
Your airy being drawn to this world,
Shining a light that lingers
Long after you have gone
To play with the wind,
Your slim, gentle form
Blithely beneath the trees,
Weaving in and weaving out,
Up into the branches,
The light in the sky, always,
Your smile.

© jsmorgane (Nov 2011)