Madonna on Stage

Standing at the altar,
I find that I am weeping,
The sacred words and holy voice,
The glittering glamour blinding me.

The crowd around is blinded too.
In ecstasy they all believe the shining gems,
While I despair and wish I could
Believe like them.

The purple hue of splendid robes
Cries for the power all desire,
But I alone untouched, unmoved
Walk away from light and fire.

But in the silent darkness
I see – and find at last –
Not on the golden altar
But in a corner of my heart
The love I sought.

© jsmorgane (Aug 2010)

Passing Time

Waiting for

Empty frames
                         to fill with laughing faces.
Frozen figures
                         to move into motion.
Necks on shelves
                         to remain lifeless.
Sensing fingers
                         to pause on door handles.
Stubborn hairlines
                         to retire on dusty pillows.
Fascinated noses
                         to sniff the unaired hall.
Delicate dancers
                         to stand up with me.
Black hats
                         to progress across the stage,
                         to move from head to head,
                         dance away and disappear.

Waiting for you
                         to wear my black hat again.

You do, in the picture,

© jsmorgane (Jan 04)