I tried to find sound Sleep,
Roaming far and wide,
And when I finally found Him
I asked not to abide with me
But bid Him hurry to your side
And gently take the day away,
To steal upon your eyes
And for a while to dim
The source of my world’s light
And so to grant the stars their hour of life…

© jsmorgane (April 2011)

Thief of Stars

Stealthily they disappear,
One by one the stars are taken.
Every night I watch more closely
As the firmament is shaken
Out of stoic contemplation
And the star signs hide away.

Ever darker the horizon
Ever brighter on the sill,
Through the fastened shutters streaking,
Ever paling starlight creeping,
For the dreamless watcher reaching,
To seek me out, and take me in.

Outside I find not a light in the skies
To show the way, to point me right.
Blinded, and confused, and shaken
I can’t believe in what I see:
You have stolen all the stars
To lay them at my feet.

© jsmorgane