A Way to Conquer

Today in the park I saw many flowers
Of many cheerful colours,
The dandelion being the brightest.
And summer snow was in the air
Floating around me, the tiny parachutes.
I picked one flower, took it up and
Blew at the little sphere.
And off they went, the travellers.
Some sticking together,
Sinking to the ground in a cluster.
Some tumbling, some rising, some lost in the grass.
Some stuck in the hedge, some landed in a tree.
The last two I saw flying upwards,
Slowly but constantly climbing,
Over the hedge and over the trees I saw them
Separate but side by side,
Then only a dot in the distance
Floating towards the sun,
And finally dissolving in the light.

© jsmorgane (May 2011)

Ordeal of Fire

Strike a match and light the candle,
Gaze into the cheerful flame.
Find the blue, the darker part,
And the wick’s tip brightly gleaming.

See it widening, opening, splitting,
Parting like a sea of fire
To reveal what lies between
The candle flames.

Find the hidden path of tears,
Follow down the winding way,
Pass onwards through the fire…
…beyond all measured time…

Then stand your feet
Firm upon the ground,
And commit to memory
What you have heard and seen,
Striving to retain the ken of
Passing through the flame.

© jsmorgane (June 2010)