Early Morning

Waking to Your gentle call I curl up in Your lap,
Letting sleep linger yet a little longer.
Your embrace is soft yet forceful and
When I rise, Your hand rests against my cheek,
And I stretch into all Your splendour.

I exhale the last of yesterday and my first words
Turn into a prayer. When I open the shutters
Your laughter kisses me fully on the lips.
When I splash water in my face, Your fingers tickle me
Like the drop stealing down my neck.

When I open the door, You leave with me in the fresh breeze,
Yet You remain to close the door behind me.
I start working towards the evening
When I, with closing eyes, return to Your arms,
Knowing I will wake again to Your smiling face.

© jsmorgane

A Way to Conquer

Today in the park I saw many flowers
Of many cheerful colours,
The dandelion being the brightest.
And summer snow was in the air
Floating around me, the tiny parachutes.
I picked one flower, took it up and
Blew at the little sphere.
And off they went, the travellers.
Some sticking together,
Sinking to the ground in a cluster.
Some tumbling, some rising, some lost in the grass.
Some stuck in the hedge, some landed in a tree.
The last two I saw flying upwards,
Slowly but constantly climbing,
Over the hedge and over the trees I saw them
Separate but side by side,
Then only a dot in the distance
Floating towards the sun,
And finally dissolving in the light.

© jsmorgane (May 2011)