Early Morning

Waking to Your gentle call I curl up in Your lap,
Letting sleep linger yet a little longer.
Your embrace is soft yet forceful and
When I rise, Your hand rests against my cheek,
And I stretch into all Your splendour.

I exhale the last of yesterday and my first words
Turn into a prayer. When I open the shutters
Your laughter kisses me fully on the lips.
When I splash water in my face, Your fingers tickle me
Like the drop stealing down my neck.

When I open the door, You leave with me in the fresh breeze,
Yet You remain to close the door behind me.
I start working towards the evening
When I, with closing eyes, return to Your arms,
Knowing I will wake again to Your smiling face.

© jsmorgane


A mermaid sitting on the rocky shore,
An elf playing in the woods,
A dancer whirling me around,
A singer soaring high,
A colleague to rely on,
A digger bringing things to light,
An arresting woman with a slender waist,
A girl with her doubts hidden in a box,
An honest friend.
All this and so much more.

© jsmorgane (July 2011)