Fought for my soul today

I fought today
A rather fearful battle.
I beat today
My dear old friend

I fought today
A very frightful onslaught.
I wrestled down today
That strong antagonist
Called fear.

I fought today
A war against temptation,
And for an endless moment
I thought I’d given in.

I fought today
The battle of my life,
And found the odds were even,
That I was not alone.
A friend spoke true
And fed my vision’s fire
And saved my soul

© jsmorgane (Aug 2011)


A mermaid sitting on the rocky shore,
An elf playing in the woods,
A dancer whirling me around,
A singer soaring high,
A colleague to rely on,
A digger bringing things to light,
An arresting woman with a slender waist,
A girl with her doubts hidden in a box,
An honest friend.
All this and so much more.

© jsmorgane (July 2011)

Perfect Stranger

Through a cacophony of sound
One voice is soft upon my ears.
An unused but remembered mother-tongue
Pronounced with warm inflections
Bids me welcome.

The language of my heart much faster-paced
And, stimulating in sharp repartee,
Challenges my soul to catch up
With my mind, call your quizzical brow
Friend among a crowd of strangers.

A face to tell a tale of merry meet and laughter,
Of life taken in stride, and dreams
Unspent to live the every-day.
A perfectly familiar stranger and yet
Somehow I know I’ll hear from you again.

To “the Swedish cousin” © jsmorgane (Sept 2010)