The Love of Trees

The Love of Trees

Trees are content, without questioning their purpose.

They love the ground beneath them

And spread their roots deep into the receiving soil.

They stretch their arms wide

In loving welcome to the open sky.

They turn to the sun,

Growing towards the light.


With you, I love like a tree:

Facing the light, I grow towards you.

Arms wide open I welcome you.

Deeply rooted I rest in you.

©jsmorgane Aug 2018


Owl Mistress

From the greenwood hear the hooting,
From its mistress’ steady shoulders
The wise bird is softly calling.

Light is falling through the foliage,
Charming the woman’s marble skin,
In her amber pendant dancing,
On her owlet’s feathers gleaming.

The lady harkens to the forest,
Hearing the trees calmly breathing,
Then discerns a distant footfall,
And the wind takes up
Her call of welcome,

© jsmorgane (May 2010)